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Classic Styles and Modern Infusions of Flies to Swing for Salmon, Steelhead, and Trout

Hello fellow Salmon and Steelhead fly swinger!!
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This site only has a few flies pictured at the moment, so it does not include every fly I can tie.  If you don't see a specific pattern, color variation, etc.... please contact me and we can discuss options.  I am flexible and willing to work with you.

I do not have the option to "click" and purchase flies on this site I like to talk with the people who are interested in my flies.  I find it to be more personal and it is nice to make new friends.

When you get a chance "swing" on over to my blog for various topics such as Swinging Flies for Steelhead in the Salmon River, step-by-step fly tutorials (photo and video), as well as reports from past and present Steelhead seasons.
Great Lakes Spey and Dee Flies























10 Classic Atlantic Salmon Fly Patterns featured in Michael Radencich's book, "Classic Atlantic Salmon Flies: Over 1700 patterns from the Goldern Age of Tying
Loch Lomond #9, Drake Wing, Sweep, River Dee #3
Rocke's Fancy, Yellow Goldfinch #1, Sir Richard
Golden Olive #4, River Conway #4, Bonny Charles






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